Does the photo above resemble your typical day of the week?

I can remember feeling very similar to this, which is what gave me the idea to put it in this blog. I’ve put together a small amount of what “life was like”, while I was trapped in the employers mindset. It’s not something that’s verbatim to every single persons life, but typical to a vast majority. I had a few other inserts to add, but I’ll save those for another blog post.


This is the day of the week that 95% of people have a love/hate relationship with.

Most despise this day because it’s a dreadful start of a new work week, yet they feel blessed to have a job. Les Brown stated that most heart attacks occur on Mondays, due to people going to jobs that they really hate. This is typically the slowest day of the week, one filled with attitudes, yet stories of how great our weekends were. Monday is also the day that many think of alternative ways to make money, to keep from having to work overtime every week, to make ends meet.


Ahhhhhhh…Tuesday. This day doesn’t hold a lot of meaning. many are just excited to have gotten through Monday without any disputes with co workers. Many bars and restaurants usually have their alcohol specials on this day, just to help get you through I guess. *Shrugs shoulders*


HUMP DAY….WooHoo!! This is the self proclaimed “Halfway” mark. People LOVE this day because the struggle is almost done for the week. Two more days and a wake up, to an exotic 2 day weekend….life is good! Some of us may “slide” in church, to get that extra boost for the week. It doesn’t matter if we sleep halfway through, the important point is that “We were there”.


“We’re cooking with hot grease now”, as the elders would say. It’s almost payday and a holiday baby. The coworkers seem to be cool at this point, even though work may get a little heavier, so we can get the most of the workload out. We don’t want anything to cause us to have to work over the weekend, so this is where we really grind it out. Remember the discounted drinks from Tuesday? Thursday nights are spent drinking with associates and friends, many of which we really don’t like. Thursday is also a day spent calling up our parents, prepping them on the time they should spend with the grand children. *See Friday and Saturday*


OMG…as the younger crew would say for expressive passion of something. PAYDAY has arrived. Friday has a host of events in store. This is the day many don’t even have time to eat lunch on their 30 minute lunch break, because they are flying back to work late after cashing their checks. The day seems to move faster and coworkers become the best of friends, because they have a few bucks in their pockets. Friday night is when many grandparents spend time with their grandchildren, that are dropped off while mom and pop have their time together. This is their time to PAAAARTAY! Good food, great music and going half on another baby. :-)


YESSSSSSS!! I’m FREE today and have a big day planned. Saturday is the “Spend time with the children” day. Most of us don’t have the time through the week, so we promise them that all their dreams will come true on Saturday. This is the day that bowling alleys, movie theaters, skating rinks, etc, make the most money. Today, you’ll see kids and parents having a blast and enjoying their freedom together. We get up early in the morning so we can pay bills and squeeze it all in, before putting the grandparents back to work. This is Saturday baby, we gotta PARTY tonight. Tonight is somewhat like Friday, except there’s a “She hang with the girls” and “He roll with the fellas” kinda thing.


This is the day reality starts to set in. This is the one day MOST people set aside for their religious moments. This is the day to make up for all the bad you’ve done through the week, even if it means stumbling in church in the same clothes you just partied in. Many of us won’t pay any monetary tithes or donations, because we just blew our Friday spoils on bills and entertainment. Sunday is also a day of rest. Today we just want to reflect on life, maybe start up the grill and prepare ourselves for the turmoil of another Monday….to do it all over again.

Do you realize that many of us repeat this cycle for 40 years or more? (An average of 76,800 hours??)  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in having a job, but the problem is, many of us work jobs that we hate, just to get by. Many of us never even begin to exercise our passions or reach our true potential.   Having a job of this magnitude should be used as a stepping stone to further a career at something we love, or to help fund other ventures that will make money FOR us. If you think about it, the CEO of your job is living his/her dreams from something they started years ago, so why not you?

There is always opportunity to change any situation you are in, but you must have the drive and desire to reach out and take action.

Finding alternatives or other ways to fund your causes, will help you in changing the outlook on your typical day of the week.

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