Yesterday I received $25K in the mail of dropcards and will be giving them away for marketing my business.  :-)

Order your drop cards today & when you receive your $25k in the mail, strategically give them away as well, to market your business.


Here is a brief introduction to Drop Cards (or sizzle cards), along with one simple marketing strategy.


Now that you’ve been introduced to drop/sizzle cards and what they can do for your marketing, get creative with it by using other simple marketing strategies. You’ll be glad you did. :-)

Throw Away MONEY And Build Your Business.

YES……. I said it. Throw away money to build your business. Of course I don’t mean throw away REAL money, but using “Dropcards” for your business. Later I will post videos on different uses of dropcards, that have worked for me and that I have learned from other people. Feel free to view my other blogs on the different uses of dropcards, by clicking on the “Dropcard” or “Sizzlecard”  tags on the right. Creativity plays a key part in marketing with them, so have fun. :-)


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